how to sing high notes

Hitting the high notes is a mental game – the physical will follow. TRUST! – By Grace Hannah

When approaching singing, we must remember that the voice is a clever machine that knows exactly how to create the sounds you wish it to create. Although the cords are a somewhat involuntary system (i.e. unlike our limbs that we can lift and swing on command cords will not always mix and belt correctly and as naturally), we are able to ease our way into beautiful sounds and pitches by hearing the frequency of note in our head before we sing it, and by adding the colors and compression that are illustrated in the two short vocal tip videos featured in this blog post. But it doesn’t end in exercises and practice. There is another component that I find is necessary for us singers to achieve what we thought we may not have been born with. THE DREADED BELT!

One thing that had helped me in my own journey is the power of visualization – oh, boy, did it work! If you have read any self-help books regarding how to become successful at anything, one of the main pieces of advice in all of them is that you need to visualize yourself doing it!

One of the voice teachers that I had the outmost privilege of working with during my time at the music conservatory I attended told me a story from his journey. He said that when he was a young songbird, he was classifies as a bass. Now, there ain’t nothing wrong with basses – I’m all about them and their treble. But he had his heart set on singing a high G(4) for men in full voice, just like his favorite tenors of the time. He approached his singing teacher/musical director and expressed how much he wished to expand his range that far. She, in turn, told him it would never happen. She said that he was a bass, and you cannot change your range. But my dear determined voice teacher, didn’t hear or acknowledge one word she said. He told me he would lay in his bed at night, and close his eyes and visualize himself singing that coveted note as part of the climax of his favorite Aria to a crowd of adoring fans. He did this habitually until it finally came true. When he was done telling me this miraculous G4 story, he got up, looked me square in the eyes and at age 62, played a cords on the piano and belted out that high G4 with color, precision, power and intent.

In short, do yourself a favor. Believe you can do it, visualize yourself doing it, and don’t listen to any nay sayers – because if you believe it, you will bring it!