Can Anyone Learn How to Sing?

I can’t sing at all. Im tone deaf.

We have all heard people say things like that, and maybe even said it ourselves.

This brings us to the important question that a lot of people seem to ask:

Can anyone learn how to sing?

Well.. not everyone will become the new Micheal Jackson, of course, but everyone can definitely learn to sing a lot better than they do now. Even if you think that you are the worst singer on earth, you will still be able to learn how to sing, at least pretty decent.

So how can that be?

Learning how to sing is comparable to working out in the gym. The vocal chords are made out of muscle, which means that if you want to be good at singing, you need to get the vocal chords in shape!

When you generally want to get in shape (muscle wise), you simply go to the gym and lift weights. But how does it work if you want to get your vocal chords into shape? The answer is simple – you practice singing! 

Sing, sing sing! – whenever you have time for it, you sing. But remember, if your vocal chords hurts, then you should always stop what you are doing! It should never hurt. As long as that is not the case, keep singing!

If you are new to singing, it might be hard enough to sing even the most simple song, but thats okay! As the old quote says:

“You dont have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!”

As you progress, you want to make sure that you constantly try to challenge yourself, and sing songs that you are not completely comfortable singing. Remember: if you dont challenge your self, then you won’t get better!

Do vocal exercises

A very important thing when you practice, is not only to sing songs all the time. You also want to do some vocal exercises which i have a lot of on my Youtube channel, and i also got some here on my site on the page called: “vocal exercises“. The good thing about these exercises is, that you are able to work on specific things on your vocals that you want to get better at. For example:

I want to improve my vibrato.. then what i want to do is, of course, some vibrato vocal exercises.

So.. to sum it all up:

  • Generally sing as much as you can
  • target weak points with specific vocal exercises

Does this mean that all i need to do is practice singing..?

No! – There are also a bunch of techniques involved when you sing. A good singer knows how everthing work when it comes to breathing and controlling the vocal chords. A lot of people that try to learn you to sing often forgets these techniques and they only focus on practicing, which in most cases are not enough to become a good singer.

If you have no experience with singing what so ever, then i would always advice you to hire a personal instructor. He or she will be able to see if you do things right and correct you if you are doing it wrong. Very often, people think that they are doing things right, but they are actually not! A personal vocal coach will be able to correct that very fast and make sure that you dont develop bad habits. Once you have developed bad habits, it takes a ton of time to unlearn those habits, so you might as well learn it right in the first place.

can i learn how to sing?

yes, you definitely can!

If you do the things mentioned above, you will be able to improve your voice a whole lot, no matter how bad you think your singing skills are. Just remember, that just as anything else, it takes a lot of practice to master. As my old vocal coach once said to me:

“It takes 10-12 years of practicing every single day to create the a perfect singer”

Im not saying that you should necessarily have it as a goal to become a perfect singer, but the sooner you start, the sooner you will become a decent, and eventually really good singer! So i would advice you to start right……..NOW!

Happy singing 😉