How to write a song

how to write a song

If you have ever tried writing songs, then you know that it is hard. Where do you start, and what should it be about? I have made this little guide for you guys that need a little push to get started. I have developed a couple of techniques over the years that might help you out…

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how to breathe when singing

HOW TO BREATHE WHEN SINGING Have you ever heard about breathing concepts like “expand your back like this,” “sing from your diaphram,” “support your belly,” and so on? These are some breathing techniques that many traditional singing schools teach and I have been through some of them. Rather than making singing easier I realised it…

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how to sing high notes

Hitting the high notes is a mental game – the physical will follow. TRUST! – By Grace Hannah When approaching singing, we must remember that the voice is a clever machine that knows exactly how to create the sounds you wish it to create. Although the cords are a somewhat involuntary system (i.e. unlike our…

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Top Audio Recording Software

Top audio recording software

As a musician, you probably need some sort of recording software. I have listed some of the best recording softwares that you can use to produce high quality audio recordings, wether you want to use it for singing or any instrument. Top Audio Recording Software Ableton Live Ableton is a really good piece of software…

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Can Anyone Learn How to Sing?

I can’t sing at all. Im tone deaf. We have all heard people say things like that, and maybe even said it ourselves. This brings us to the important question that a lot of people seem to ask: Can anyone learn how to sing? Well.. not everyone will become the new Micheal Jackson, of course,…

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